Train thoughts are the best thoughts.

On being a traveler - Train thoughts are the best thoughts


There is no other way of traveling quite like a train ride.

In our fast paced modern society, people seem to want to get to places quicker, faster, instantly. People believe that it is a natural course of the future. The destination seems to be of the greatest importance. 




What happened to the importance of the journey? Are they an irrelevant part of this entire experience?


I believe not.


Trains are among many delights from the past that we are still able to enjoy today. They are not unfamiliar to me, traveling from city to city.


It has always been my favourite mode of transport. The forever changing scenery in the passing window reminds us of the unpredictability of the world we live in. Nothing is long-lasting or permanent.  Every passenger on board has committed to this train journey and is trapped in this moving space. It allows us to have minimum contact with what happens outside this space and forces us to focus our energy and thoughts within this space. 


I always have the best thoughts here.


I have committed approximately three hours in this space for my travel from Paris to Amsterdam. The train trip was, as always, wonderful. I believe it has something to do with how well fed I was on this three hour ride - free meals and drinks on the hour. I am always accompanied by a good book during my travels. This time I have Madame Bovary written by Gustave Flaubert with me. I sit on a seat corner at the end of train, next to the window. Any seat by a window is always a good seat. I take notes and paint during this three hour trip. I took down notes I wanted to write about - this article being among the few. 

My final thoughts about train rides are that they are a luxury. I encourage you to take time out to truly enjoy these rides. And I suggest you do so while you still can. Witnessing the fast progression of modern society, we should question whether trains will be around in ten, twenty years time.

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- From Flora