'Old' Amsterdam Photo Diary and Favorites

'Old' Amsterdam Photo Diary and Favorites


Fun fact : New York used to be called 'New Amsterdam' as the Dutch were the first to occupy it in the 17th century. A lot of words such as Brooklyn (from Breukelen) and Harlem (from Haarlem) originate from the Dutch language.


These are some of my favourites from my trip to Amsterdam. It was my second time in this city, first for my friends. Despite having been to Amsterdam before, I was still in awe witnessing lovers and friends holding conversations while biking. 

My friends and I had an amazing time exploring the city, making new friends and discovering new places. Here are some of my personal recommendations and some photos from the trip. Enjoy!

Here are some of my personal recommendations for all of you if you visit Amsterdam in the future! 

Where to...



Winkel 43 - a cute café that serves incredible Apple Pie. One of the best in Amsterdam!

Le Caféier - If you are looking for a light meal or coffee, this is the place to go! They have amazing coffee, sweet snacks and sandwiches! I went almost everyday during this trip because my Airbnb was so close.

Pesca - If you are looking for a fun fish market experience, this is the place to be! They allow costumers to choose the seafood they want and how they want it made. However, this place can get a little packed, so remember to call and make sure they aren't fully booked. 



Rumors Vintage & Design - If you follow me on Instagram, you should know that I am a really big fan of vintage clothing. Rumor Vintage was recommended to me by one of my friends I met during the trip, Naomi. They have some amazing pieces and I bought a really great pair of white vintage pants during my visit.

Sukha Amsterdam - This is another great store that I really liked. Besides clothing, there is furniture and home supplies for those of you interested. One thing that I really like about their designs and clothing are that they are very eco-friendly and are made from sustainable fabrics. 



Van Gogh Museum - When in Amsterdam, you have to check out some of Van Gogh's most renowned works, some of my personal favourites being Sunflowers and Bedroom in Arles

I Amsterdam Logo - Located very close to the Van Gogh Museum. Great place to go take one of those tourist photos - I took one the first time and this time I came as well!

Anna Frank Huis -  If you’ve read The Diary of a Young Girl, then you will know who Anna Frank is. If you haven't, Anna Frank was a young Jewish girl that lived during WWII. The house is a must see, and provides insight into what life was like during some of the most pivotal events in history. 



Bike Bike and Bike - Nothing better than to bike in Amsterdam! It is one of the most bike friendly places I have ever been to. On a sunny day, there is no better way to travel around the city.



One last thing ...

As mentioned, a lot of recommendations were made by my new friend, Naomi who I met on my first day in Amsterdam. She liked my outfit and I thought she was very interesting. We went for dinner and ice-cream afterwards.


Turns out we are both Aquarius’s - definitely makes sense!


My story of how I met Naomi will always remind me of the possibilities in finding similar souls when you least expect it. The most spontaneous encounters in life lead to the best of friends everywhere you go. We should always be open to these spontaneous opportunities life throws at us.

Naomi is also a blogger and an amazing photographer! Please go check her out @littlekeystohappiness on Instagram and her website littlekeystohappiness.com


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- From Flora