Living as a Parisian for a few days

PART I : Bonjour from Paris


Walking through the Parisian lights. Captivated by the charming old building. Revisiting classic novels written by Gustave Flaubert. All while listening to the album of “Midnight in Paris” on repeat was the way I decided to spend my time in Paris. 


Paris; It is one of the most difficult places for me to write as it is hard to describe and put into words the immense beauty and life that is Paris. As any artist, writer or painter from 1920s would tell you, Paris is the place to be. 

I have decided to travel here, alone and unarmed, as I have always believed in the healing power of Solitude. New York is always filled with people. Tourists and locals alike. There, I had responsibilities and routines that I followed. But here, I was no one. And somehow, that gave me comfort. 

Paris has always and will have a place in my heart, thanks to a special date I have had here long ago. I remember it was raining and we watched as it did on a carriage ride. It was a ride to remember.

I have adored history from a young age and especially french history. From Queens such as Marie Antoinette to eras as la Belle Époque. Something about the language, the way people live their lives that has a certain je ne sais quoi about it. Today, Paris has given birth to icons such as Inès de La Fressange to Jeanna Damas that brings a new side of Parisian glamour and style to the world. 

I hope you enjoy the little bits and pieces from my journey as it has brought me.

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- From Flora