La Perfect Parisian Bag - Isaac Reina

PART III : La Perfect Parisian Bag - Isaac Reina

I have a hobby when I travel. I have made it a mission to try and only shop local goods, in order to support the local economy. I have always valued the importance of locally designed and produced goods. I like knowing that the money I spend is helping to create and sustain the great cities and designs I see before me. More importantly, that they are able to prosper and continue the work they have done now and in the future. 


" Innovative designs and ideas do not have a nationality. Instead, a shared privilege. "

 -  From yours truly.


It was not the first time I have heard of the brand name Isaac Reina. I have been told by Parisians and foreigners that if you want to find something that is of authentic Paris designs, that it was the place to be. It was among the top things I wanted to visit when in Paris.

Right across from Musée National Picasso, that was where the store sat comfortably.  It was the only store as of now. I was drawn to the store's interior design - it's clean layout and colour coordinated floor plan. Everything was of perfect balance. 

Although I was not able to meet the designer himself, I had the pleasure of speaking with a member of his team, Simon. He introduced the brand to me a bit more and how all the products were designed, created and produced here in Paris. From the leather work to the actual leather itself from France.

We shared the same opinion of the misfortune of people's lack of appreciation for handmade products these days. There is something special about each of them as they are all unique pieces. Much like us. 

I left with a few pieces of items and they will definitely be pieces that will appear more in my blog soon!

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- From Flora