Hello from Los Angeles

For whose who recently watched the infamous movie ‘ La La Land ’, Los Angeles has once again reminded the world of it’s undying Hollywood charm and the true scarifies of ambitions and dreams.

I was lucky enough to be visiting this great city once again, and my expectations of it is higher than ever. I was here to attend Style Fashion Week that hosted some of the best designers around the world. I was specially invited to do an interview with singer pop star Meredith O’Conner, who was accompanied by fellow songstress-singer Heather LaRose. 

Meredith O’Connor is talented singer-songwriter, actress and model that was raised in Long Island, New York. Her first debut was back in youtube. She has been touring around the world the past year, reaching places such as New Zealand. O’Connor is also a very vocal anti-bullying activist. She was inspired by her own experience from the past. She recently spoke in United Nations for the Kechie’s project, that speaks of the importance of educating women. 

Heather LaRose was a New York based singer songwriter that recently moved to Los Angeles who is also a gifted artist in her own right. 

The two singers will be opening the show tonight and I was fortunate enough to interview the two singers on the red carpet before they performed.

Hello, my name is Flora. I want to first congratulate both of you on opening on the show. 

Meredith: Yeah, thank you. The second we heard about the designer, Antonella Commatteo (@commatteo), is doing the show we got really excited as she is super talented. So I cannot wait for you guys to see it, it is going to be amazing.

Were you friends before the show? 

Meredith: Yes!

Heather: Oh freaking yeah!

Have you guys been able to see any of the clothing so far yet?

Meredith: Oh well we are wearing some of her pieces right now!

Tell me a little more about you clothes then!

Heather: So I am wearing this gorgeous see through-ish red jumpsuit and it is super comfortable, fits like a glove! and it is the most perfect shade of red for the red carpet. 

Meredith: And my outfit makes me feel super powerful and it is all about embracing women and I love it! I am so excited for you guys to see the entire collection!

As we all are! So since Spring is around the corner as I am very excited about it myself, are there any spring fashion styles that you have seen that has captured your eye?

Heather: Well, we just came from Fall Fashion Week but A few things that we have saw are furs and florals. Definitely in New York there were a lot of royal blues! 

Meredith: I remember exactly what you are talking about, I think that that is something that will be big next season! I also love the shoulder trend that has been happening as well.I am going to speaking at the United Nation tomorrow and I will be wearing the designer as well. I am so excited to bring her spring collections there!

I consider myself a New Yorker, and it is my second time in LA, what do you recommend someone visiting in LA to do or shop or eat?

Meredith: I think Veggie Grill! You have to go to Veggie Grill!

Heather: And if you want to do something a little more fancy, there are a lot of cute restaurants at Sunset! i recreantly had a cate there with a rocket scientist, no biggie! 

Meredith: I love veggie, vegan food and I think one of the most amazing things to do when you are out in LA is hike! We have amazing hike trails around and views! You can see the whole city from the peak!

I understand that you are currently on tour for your Anti-Bullying World Tour for the last two months. Tell me a little more about that!

Meredith: I really have to thank my fans, we are able to see out the theater in London also in New York in Madison Square Garden and here in the Ellen theater as well, and my fans are so loyal and they are truly making my dreams come true!

Also, you will be speaking in the United Nations tomorrow, has it always been a dream of yours?

Meredith: Yes it has! I have been working with UN women for the past year and the fact that this is what is happening tomorrow is surreal! I will be flying right out tonight and it will be a lot of fun!

I know that we are a big advocate for Anti-Bullying and it has been a strong influence in your career. Could you share a bit more with us?

Meredith: I think every since my first song became internet famous, I really want to let people to know that if you are lucky enough to be different and to never change! One of my favorite thing about Heather is that she is so weird! But thats the thing that makes her different and I have been told that I was weird and that it is a bad thing, but I believe that it is important to know that the thing that the things that make you unique is what makes you beautiful! 

That is so lovely, thank you for sharing that with us all! For both of you, can we expect any new songs soon?

Heather: Actually, yes we do!

Meredith: We have a new song coming out together soon! 

Congratulations! we are all looking forward to hearing it and good luck on your show tonight!

A special thanks to @Devintimothynelson for taking all the beautiful photos from that night!   Please check him out Instagram! 


Gown & Earrings: Alice + Olivia , @aliceandolivia


- From Flora